♡I Write 1D Preferences♡, Preference #46 He scares you verbally and you think it may get physical:
♡I Write 1D Preferences♡
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Hello! My name is Alayna, or Layna, or Laynie whatever floats your boat :) I am 16 and I'm a dedicated directioner. Feel free to follow, ask, and request! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, Enjoy♡ (and if you're on moblie and are looking for my masterlist: http://i-write-1d-preferences.tumblr.com/master/list) PLEASE NEVER COPY AND PASTE MY WRITING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
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Preference #46 He scares you verbally and you think it may get physical: 


"Harryyyyy! Do you wanna maybe go see Safe Haven tonight?" You wondered innocently while getting a glass of water from the kitchen. Harry had some of his guy friends over and they were playing video games. "Sure whatever" he said. You got your water and went back upstairs, video games weren’t really your thing and you knew Harry wanted to spend some time with his friends. You were simply reading a new book and kept being interrupted by loud cheers and ends of conversations. "Man she’s got you whipped, bro!" you heard someone say to Harry. You chuckled. "She does not!" Harry argued. You cracked open the door of your bedroom so you could hear the conversation better. "Yeah she does man, she just asked you to see that new chick-flick and you said yes!" he laughed. "Ohhhhhhh" you heard some of the other guys scream. "You need to go be a man and tell her you’re not going, put her in her place!" someone said. "Fine" harry answered. You closed the door hopped back in the bed and acted as if you were reading and didn’t hear a thing. Harry burst through the door. "(Y/N)!" he said dramatically. "Uh, yes?" you said. "I’m not going to see that chick-flick with you" he said firmly. "Why?" you asked simply. "Because I not a wuss! I don’t do everything you want" he said. You stood up angrily. "So what? You not going to the movie with me, makes you a man now?" you asked. "Well yeah, I had to put you in your place" he said. You were disgusted by the words that had just left his mouth. And with that you turned around and started to leave the room. "Don’t walk away from me when I’m talking to you" he said puling you back around. You could se he rage in his eyes, you didn’t know what was going to happen but you pulled out of his grasp for your own safety and ran as far away as you could. You had never felt so hurt before, by anyone. You had runoff to a little bench not to far from your flat. Unfortunately harry found you there about ten minutes later. "(Y/N)?". "What." you replied coldly. "I’m sorry" he said. You rolled your eyes. "I’m not a dog Harry, I don’t have to be obedient, ‘and you don’t have to put me in my place’. Yelling at a woman and trying to tell her what to do doesn’t make you any more of a man ok?" you said, letting all your emotion out. "I know, I’m sorry the guys were just teasing me and it just got me angry I guess. I love you" he admitted. You smiled at him "I love you too Harry".


You had just arrived home from work. Niall was on the couch, doing something on his IPhone. “Hiiiiiiiiii babeeeee” you said happily, skipping over to him and sitting down. “Hi” he said. “So how was your day?” you asked. “Fine”. You could smell the alcohol on his breath. “Well what has you all grumpy today?” you asked flatly, mocking his monotone. Niall glared at you. “Just go away (Y/N), I’m not in the mood” he said angrily. “Ok, well can we talk about this?” you wondered, cuddling up against his arm. He shrugged you off and stood up, “No!”. You frowned and stood up so you were facing him. “(Y/N)! Why is it so Goddamn hard for you to give me some space! Sometimes. People. Just. Want. To Be. Alone.!” he yelled, inching closer and closer after the last 7 words. You walked backwards until your back was against the wall. You didn’t know what to do, what to say, how to act, but you did know this, Niall was drunk, and when Niall is drunk you don’t know what to expect. A tear escaped your eye at the possible thought that he would even think about putting his hands on you. Niall sighed and backed away. “I-I’m sorry. I’m really stressed and I took it out on you, I’m sorry (Y/N), really.” Niall said, more calm now. You nodded, “Maybe we should just go to bed early tonight” you said softly. Honestly you were still a little scared. The two of you went to bed, and you hope that Niall would never act that way again. 


Yesterday you asked Liam to go out to dinner with you. You had made a surprise reservation at his favorite restaurant, and you thought it was going to be a great night, until he told you he had plans with the boys. So today Liam had asked to have dinner with you, but you told him you had plans with your friends. Liam rolled his eyes, “Really (Y/N)?” Liam said. “Yes Liam, and I’m late so can this wait till after” you said smirking to yourself. “Oh don’t be a smart ass (Y/N)!” he said waving his finger at you. You raised your eyebrows, “What did I do? You’re the one who ditched me for 4 people who you already see like every day!” you yelled. “I can’t spend every second with you! Just stop being so clingy!” he shouted at you. “I am not clingy!” you argued. “Oh just shut up (Y/N)! Shut the fuck up!” he yelled at you. You didn’t dare to say another word. You could see the anger in his eyes. He raised his hand up to rub the back of his neck and you flinched. In that moment Liam had calmed down and he took your hands in his. He looked so upset, so hurt. “(Y/N) I would never hit you! Never. ok? I’m sorry for yelling at you” he told you. You nodded and hugged him. “I’m sorry for being so immature, I was just kind of upset that you didn’t go with me last night because I made reservations at your favorite place for us.” you admitted. “(Y/N)! you could have told me that! I’m sorry! I didn’t know!” he said. You smiled weakly at him, “Lets go tonight then” you said. Liam agreed and the both of you had a very nice rest of the night.


"Honestly (Y/N)? Out of all people! You choose Niall?!" Louis screamed as he walked through the door. "Huh?" you said confused at you boyfriends unclear accusation. "Someone told me that Niall told them that you kissed him!" he said. The sentence itself confused you, you took a moment to process it. "I didn’t kiss anyone besides you!" you told him. "But I heard that Niall said it himself!" Louis countered. "Why don’t you just ask him! We did not kiss! Niall is drunk half the time!" "Why are you lying to me right now! I know its true! Ugh I ought to…" he trailed off. You couldn’t believe your ears. You backed away from him cautiously. "No, (Y/N) I didn’t mean that I’m not going to hurt you! I just….I just got frustrated" he said. You forgave him instantly. "I swear I didn’t kiss Niall" you said softly. "I believe you! I’m sorry it just hurt to think of you with someone else" he said to you. "I love you and only you Louis" you assured him. 


You sighed and crossed your arms. “I can’t believe your tour starts in less then a week, I feel like you never spent anytime with me” you admitted. Zayn rolled his eyes. “Is there something you’d like to share Zayn?” you said annoyed. “You say that every time I go somewhere” Zayn mumbled. “Its not my fault you feel the need to go out all the time” you said with plenty of attitude. “Oh my god you are so fucking annoying sometimes” “Um no Zayn you’ve got it backwards here, you’re the annoying one who likes to leave his girlfriend all alone all the time!” you yelled at him. “Ugh, you know sometimes I just wanna…” he trailed off while clenching his fist. Thoughts were swirling through your head. He just wants to what? hit me? you wondered. Who was he? Zayns anger quickly faded. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I-I just I don’t know what I, oh my gosh I’m sorry” he blurted out. “It’s-It’s ok, um…” you were still in shock. You inched toward him to hug him, he held you tight. “I’m sorry, I am” he said. “Me too” you nodded and kissed him.

A/N: Omg sorry Harry’s is sooooooooo long! I dont even know why haha!

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