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Hello! My name is Alayna, or Layna, or Laynie whatever floats your boat :) I am 16 and I'm a dedicated directioner. Feel free to follow, ask, and request! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, Enjoy♡ (and if you're on moblie and are looking for my masterlist: http://i-write-1d-preferences.tumblr.com/master/list) PLEASE NEVER COPY AND PASTE MY WRITING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
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Preference #15 He gets jealous of your ex 


It was your six month anniversary and Harry had made reservations at a fancy and expensive restaurant. Your ex, Ryan, had taken you to there once before. He was trying to impress you with his family’s money, thinking that he would get what he wanted from you (sex) since he was rich. You shuddered and quickly shook the memory out of your head. You took a seat at the restaurant table and a waitress greeted you “Good evening, is this your first time here?” she asked. “No” you said the same time Harry said “Yes”. He gave you a puzzled look as the waitress walked away with your order. “You’ve been here before?” he asked. “Um…yeah I came with Ryan once” you said nervously. Harry clinched his jaw. “Ryan?” he said trying to hide his anger. “Yeah it was forever ago….no big deal” you said calmly. “Yeah it is, the place that we go on our anniversary, you went to with your ex” Harry said through his teeth. “Harry I-I don’t want to fight about this right now, tonight is about us” you said. Harry sighed “You’re right Im sorry”. “Its ok Harry, I love you” you said placing your hand on top of his.


"3 years?!" Niall yelled. "Um…yeah" you said nervously. Niall had just asked how long your previous relationship had lasted. "How could you waste 3 years of your life with that dick?!" he asked. "Um…I….I don’t know" you whispered. Niall was angrily firing question at you about your ex. "Did you live together? Did you have have promise rings? Did you love him?" Niall was screaming at you and you were just sick of it. The answer to all of those questions were yes but you couldn’t tell Niall that. "Why do you care so much!? You have dated other girls. I’m sure you’ve lived with, gave them promise rings, loved them!" you shot back as you stormed upstairs. Your eyes were watery but you quickly blinked the tears away. Niall followed you upstairs and pulled you in for a hug before you could even sit down. "I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m just a bit jealous that he got to spend 3 years with my princess” he said softly. “A bit?” you joked. “Ok maybe a lot” “A lot?” “Ok I was very jealous” he finally admitted making you laugh. “Niall I love you more than I ever loved him, and I think we will be together a lot longer than three years” you said before placing a gentle kiss on his lips.


"Oh my gosh really?" you giggled into the phone. You were on the phone with your ex, James. You and James had been childhood friends and then started dating when you were older. You were together for 2 years, but then wanted different things so you both decided it was best to breakup. Neither of you did anything wrong to cause the breakup, it kinda just needed to happen. When the two of you split, you decided to stay friends, even though this was only the 3rd time you had talked since then. He had called to catch up, he updated you about his family, and his girlfriend. So you told him about your family and Liam. You had been on the phone with James for about half an hour and Liam seemed annoyed. You were ready to say goodbye to James but he just kept talking. Finally you were able to get off the phone. "Who was that?" Liam asked, even though he already knew. "Uh, James" "James huh? What did he want?" Liam asked shooting you a death glare. " He just wanted to catch up, we haven’t talked in a while" you told him calmly. "Does he know you have a boyfriend?" "Yes, Liam I told him all about you, and he told me all about Shelly, his girlfriend." "Oh" Liam’s face softened and he offered a weak smile. "There’s no reason to be jealous baby, we’re both in committed relationships and we’re happy" you said kissing him on the cheek.


You and Louis were in your hometown for new years, and he two of you decided to go to your ex boyfriend Alex’s house. You didn’t feel the need to tell Louis that much, just that you both had been invited to a party, so he agreed to go. You knocked on the door and Alex opened the door, greeted you, and pointed you towards the drinks. Louis hadn’t said a word with in the first ten minutes of the party and he seemed distant. “You ok Lou?” you asked squeezing his hand. It took a minute for him to respond “Uh…Yeah…But…Err…” “What?” you interrupted. “You didn’t tell me Alex was a guy” he blurted out. You couldn’t help but laugh. “Well Alex is a boys name too” you giggled. But Louis face was completely serious. You and Louis had never really discussed your ex’s because you both felt like they weren’t really important anymore. But Louis knew that you and Alex had once dated because he had seen a picture of the two of you together before. As the night went on everyone started dancing. “Wow Alex has gotten a lot  better at dancing” you muttered. “Hey babe have you seen my famous, stop the traffic…let em through?” he said showing off his favorite dance move to capture your attention. “Yes I have…you know you’re adorable when you’re jealous” you said giving him a kiss in the middle of the dance floor where everyone could see.


"Zaynniiieeee i’m Home!!!!" you called out as you walked through the door of your flat, there was no answer. You walked up to our bedroom where you found Zayn on his laptop. "What cha doin?" you asked, startling him. "Nothing" he said quickly shutting his laptop and giving you a nervous smile. "Zayn what were you looking at?" you asked reaching for his laptop, but he pulled it away. "Zayn seriously just tell me!!" you said a bit frustrated. He sighed and released the death grip he had on his mac. You cautiously opened it up and found pictures of you and your ex from high school, Andrew. "Um…Zayn is there something you wanna tell me?" you questioned. "Andrew was perfect he was on the football team, popular, smart, religious…not ugly" he said scrolling through his profile page. You sighed you remembered thinking the something at one point, but that was just it…he was perfect. "Zayn…Andrew was, Andrew was all of those things and he may have even been perfect but he wasn’t perfect for me. He was so focused on his future and he didn’t know how to have fun, he was too serious, we were very different… But you, you are perfect for me we are like the same person, your my best friend and I just…I love you" you said, a silent tear falling from your eye. "I’m sorry (Y/N), I didn’t mean to bring it up. I love you too" He said wiping the tear and pressing his lips to yours. 

A/N: Im soooooooo sorry I haven’t been posting much recently! School has legit kept me so busy!! Its crazy but don’t worry I will have so much more time to write after this week!! :) Also THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR 105 FOLLOWERS!!<3 Tell me if you have any request!

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