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♡I Write 1D Preferences♡
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Hello! My name is Alayna, or Layna, or Laynie whatever floats your boat :) I am 16 and I'm a dedicated directioner. Feel free to follow, ask, and request! Thank you so much for checking out my blog, Enjoy♡ (and if you're on moblie and are looking for my masterlist: http://i-write-1d-preferences.tumblr.com/master/list) PLEASE NEVER COPY AND PASTE MY WRITING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
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Preference #3 You get into a fight 

Here is part 2 :)


It was about 11AM by the time you woke up, and you found a note explaining that your boyfriend Harry had left early and didn’t want to wake you. You sigh, he could have at least said happy birthday. For the rest of the day you decide to go and get mani-pedis with your besties. You explained to them what had happened and how you hadn’t received a single call or text from your boyfriend. They try and cheer you up by taking you to your favorite restaurant for lunch, but as soon as you walked in you saw Harry flirting with some girl who looked like the manager. Before he saw you, you ran back to your flat and locked yourself in your room.Your friends followed you there, but they knew you wanted to be alone so they left shortly after. That evening you heard keys in the door, it was Harry. “Whats wrong babe?” he asked listening to your sobbing through the bedroom door. “You are!” you replied sniffling. “Come on (Y/N), let me in and we can talk about it.” you decide to be mature and let him in. He rushed in and wrapped his arms around you but you just stood there, Your sadness was instantly replaced with rage. “Harry, why are so damn forgetful? You didn’t even remember my birthday, all you cared about was flirting with the manager of my favorite restaurant.” Before he could reply you start to leave. “You know what Harry maybe you should just forget about us, k?” you yell as you march out the door. When you look back you see harry standing in the door way of your flat in complete shock.


"Niall! Are you ready yet?" you scream up the stairs. There was no reply so you decided to go upstairs to get him. You walked in your room and saw Niall sound asleep on the bed. "NIALL!" you yell trying to wake him. He had already slept until 1 pm and you planned to meet up with your parents at 3. This was the first time he was gonna meet them and you wanted it to be perfect. "Niall you said you were getting ready." you say angrily. You glanced over at the clock which read 2:45. "I was but I guess I fell asleep." he said with a yawn. "Obviously" you replied harshly. Niall had went out the night before and gotten really drunk, so he was hungover and tired. "Its 2:48 and it takes half an hour to get there…so get your ass out of bed and get ready" you snap. "Someones in a bitchy mood" he says. "Excuse me?" you say raising you eyebrows. "You heard me" "Well if you hadn’t gotten drunk last night you wouldn’t be hungover, and so tired,then we would be on time" you say with attitude. "You don’t run my life, I can do whatever the hell I want" he screams at you."I just wanted my parents to think I had good boyfriend who cares more about me than getting wasted every night." you yell not even thinking about what you just said. "I am a good boyfriend, you aren’t a good girlfriend." "Fuck you Naill" you say leaving the room. He follows you downstairs and says " I don’t need you! I’ve had way better girlfriends than you, and I could get any girl I want" Your eyes were starting to tear up but you kept the tears from falling. "Yeah? Well go be with them. Were through" you say storming out of your shared flat. Nialls angry face faded and tears started to fill his eyes. 


"Louis. I…I have to tell you something" you said, your voice shaking. "Yeah?" he asked. "Im..Im..Im a virgin" you spill out. Louis knew that you had a lot of ex-boyfriends and assumed you had slept with them. As soon as you told your secret he started laughing and making jokes about it. "Louis stop! Its not funny!" you plead, starting to get angry. "I wanted to wait for the right person" you explain over his laughter. "I wanted to wait for the right person" he mocks you. This was not the way you expected your boyfriend to handle this and you were quite upset about it. "Well sorry if I didn’t want to sleep with every guy I’ve been with" you tell him. "You’re just mad because none of your boyfriends wanted to fuck you" he says. That comment made you snap. "You know what Louis, I actually thought you were the right person, but you obviously aren’t. I wanna break up” “Fine” he says firmly. You grabbed your purse and left the flat. By then Louis had stopped laughing and was starting to process what had just happened.


Recently Liam had been getting a ton of crap from the fans and the boys about being a wimp and a pushover, so he decided to say goodbye to “Mr.Niceguy”. You had missed him a lot because he had been at the studio all day. “LIAM!” you yelled as he walked through the door. “Hi (Y/N)” he said wrapping you in a weak hug. “So I was thinking we could go out to (restaurant name) tonight around 7, so be ready ok?” you say with a big smile. “What if I don’t wanna eat there tonight” he said raising his voice. “Um…” you start. But Liam cuts you off “I always let you pick out the restaurant! Well I don’t wanna go there…I’m sick of you getting to pick everything! I’m the guy I’m suppose to be in charge” he yelled. “Liam are you ok? I’ve never see you like this” you say quietly trying to calm him down. Liam had never yelled at you before.”Thats because I was a fucking wimp before!” he yelled right in your face. A tear rolled down your cheek and Liams face softened. “I think we need to take a break” you said grabbing your clutch and running out of the flat.


Zayn had gone to the studio for the day so you decided to clean up the flat a bit. You were folding up a pair of Zayns pants and was gonna put them int he dresser drawer but  when you opened it you saw 3 packs of cigarettes. They were all opened, each with a few missing. You grabbed 3 sticky notes and wrote Zayn a long list of reasons he shouldn’t be smoking. The list was long so it took up all three post its. You put one on each pack of cigarettes so that when he went to grab one he would see the reasons he shouldn’t. When Zayn came home he seemed stressed and didn’t wanna talk to you. You followed your angry boyfriend upstairs and watched him open his pants drawer. “Damn it (Y/N)!” he said reading the notes. “Zayn, smoking is not ok” you say firmly. “I can do what I want to do! I don’t need you to tell me what is and isn’t ok! Just…just get out!” he screams. You both had shared the place but he payed the bills and everything was in his name so it was technically his. You just stood there teary eyed and shocked. “GO!” he yelled making you flinch. You made your way down the stairs and Zayn followed you. “Have fun with lung cancer!” you yell flicking him off and walking out the door with nothing but your phone.

A/N: Tell me here which one was your favorite, and if I should do a part two!

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